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I am the eight doctor and I wander the lonely paths of the time vortex. I am of the planet gallifrey and have two hearts, a good mind for most things, also I like to save the universe every now and again who doesn't? :) If you would like to join me please let me know! [rp blog au doctor.]
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Times of Change


Ilyria bit her lip as the Doctor grew increasingly angry, shrinking into herself a little as she stood beside him. As he bowed his head she reached out to lay her little fingers on the crook of his elbow, squeezing gently. After a few moments she leant over to kiss his jawline very gently, her voice soft and soothing as she said,

"It’s alright… Calm down… She just wants what’s best for you, the way she always does.. I know she didn’t mean to upset you, she’d never want to do that. I think perhaps you and I being… Involved, makes her worry sometimes. About you.."

"I know…I know just…" he sighed and stooped a little. "I don’t like to rush…well I do…just not this…" he admitted. "I am always rushing everything…running and escaping…taking people away ruining their lives with mine…" he felt the darkness sweep over him again. "So many…." he finally said as he slumped down.

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Peculiar circumstances


"You complete magpie," she said with a laugh, closing the umbrella and hooking the handle over her forearm, before she glanced back over her shoulder at the bookshop.

"Well, there was one thing… It’s a bit silly, really. Oh come on, I’ll show you," she said, taking his hand and tugging him towards the direction of the bookshop near the bus stop, pointing at the copy of Oliver Twist.

"It looks old. Really old. Perhaps even an original printing.." she said, her nose almost pressed against the glass.

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The Doctor looked in and smiled using his keen eyes to look over the precious manuscript. He then felt something peculiar and he looked back over his shoulder. He turned away and frowned glancing left and right trying to figure it out.

"Can you…sense that? there is something?…." he walked off and wondered what was going on. "What do you make of it?" he looked lost and he wanted to know what it was.


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Times of Change


Her smile widened as she twisted the ball of her foot awkwardly into the floor, and she shook her head, looking down at her feet, face warm.

"Don’t be too angry with her. She didn’t say anything that wasn’t true," she murmured. "Even if she was less than subtle in the way she said it…"

"No she has no right to be that rude!" he was angry at the tardis "My love life and hers is none of your business!" he said to the tardis. "We choose understand? it is up to us and we will get to those points of our lives when and if they occur!" he spoke seriously reprimanding her. "Please…have faith in me and her…alright old girl? I amen’t good at this…how many…so many lost…none could live up to my life span….my…way of living…" he lowered his head in depressed way. "Let this take its time and develop on its own…" he asked pleadingly.

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Love doctor who!! And love this photo! :D d


Love doctor who!! And love this photo! :D d

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Now we need Dark Eyes! Eight as a costume!

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Times of Change


She gave him a wry smile, crossing one ankle behind the other as she leant on the console.

"I do have the added bonus of regenerations if I need them, that certainly helps," she said softly as she looked up at him. "And you think there’s longevity in it? The way things are, between you and me?" She said tentatively, thinking back to the Tardis’ warning that he may lose patience with her.

He arched and eye brow and got close to her face “Did the tardis say something to you…” he said as he glared at the console. “You madame stay out of it!” he was having an argument with her in his mind. “Don’t!" he said this in a scary way. "Live and let live but do not be meddling in my affairs!" he warned the tardis.

He sighed looking back to her “I am sorry about her…she can be a bit…rude!” he said that last part loudly.

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Rp with eightandonly and ilyriaofgallifrey and Lynnetheseer. (title pending)


Ilyria stood looking in the window of a shop on the high street of the village she and the Doctor were exploring, balancing the black umbrella he’d lent her on her shoulder, fingers closed tightly around the red question mark handle. The rain had eased off a while ago, but the air still felt damp and she didn’t quite feel it safe to collapse it yet.

Peering into the window, her eyes roved over the contents of the second hand book store, reading the titles at lightning speed. She had grown to love Earth literature, particularly Victorian fiction, and her pale blue irises beheld a copy of Oliver Twist in cracked leather binding longingly. She was getting distracted though.

Spinning on her heel, she turned away from the shop, eyes briefly catching a glimpse of a flash of auburn from the bus stop at the end of the road that didn’t quite have time to register before she walked up the street a bit, calling,

"Doctor? Where have you gotten to?"

He walked out of an antique shop carrying a bag as he heard her calling. He wandered over to where she was and tapped her on the shoulder. “Patience is a virtue you know!”he smiled. “I was in the antique shop adding to my collection vault of antiquities!” he grinned.

"Did you find anything you liked?" he asked as he walked beside her not really minding where he was going.


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To believe in a universe as young as six or seven thousand years old is to extinguish the light from most of the galaxy. Not to mention, the light from all the hundred billion other galaxies in the observable universe.

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Times of Change


Ilyria frowned at the ship’s answer, then followed the Doctor into the console room, leaning against it as she looked up at him thoughtfully. Finally she asked,

"Doctor… Are you… Content? In my company I mean?"

Her gaze was intent and unblinking as she looked at him, trying to read his body language.

He looked into her eyes and saw that she truly wanted an answer “If I wasn’t…you would know…are you unhappy with something?” he wondered worried if he had done something inappropriate earlier. “I am happy…”he looked at the console. “Its nice to rely on someone and have someone to talk to that is of the same species…I enjoy your company and you have survived…longer than most…” he said the last part with a hint of regret. “I am happy” he smiled genuinely happy.

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